Gifts Guys ACTUALLY Want For Valentines Day! .

Only 4 Days to Go Ladies and Yea Still Nothing For Bae??!! .

Let’s see if we can help! .

I scoured the internet in search of what men REALLY want for Valentines Day because let’s face it, men are hard as hell to shop for 😩😩😩 .

So D.A.T Vegasgyrl to the rescue… .

Hopefully our list saves VDay ❤❤❤ .

First Gadgets. Whether it be tools (stray from this if you’ve been nagging him about putting up that shelf in the garage) or a new Smart TV Guys (and gals 😜😜😜 ) love gadgets.

2. Whisky …. We’re just gonna suffice it to say LIQUOR AND BEER! .

3. Food…. Home cooked ONLY if you won’t burn the house down…. or swallow your pride and call his momma! .

soul_food4. Sex… Well Come on we’re talking about men here! .

5. Pj’s /Underwear…. Men don’t normally buy this stuff for themselves so TRUST ME They’ll be grateful
6. A Day Off…. Usually this means a day off from household duties including children lol! .

53defc497f182f9fdeecbe828a2e5c147. More Sex…. Again GUYS 😧😧😧😧 .

8. Nothing… Yup some men realize you have NO IDEA so they’d rather you didn’t lol! .

9. Sweets… If you don’t bake…. order from a bakery and whatever you do…. don’t say a word about his fourth slice of pie!terry-crews-pie-620x568
10. Shaving Kits… Here’s where you can broaden your man’s horizons. If he thinks Bic is luxury… Usher in the era of Merkur or Parker!


11. Wallet…. Another item men don’t like to purchase but would be extremely grateful if you would!
12. Yeezys…. C’mon guys they’re Yeezys WHO DOESN’T WANT A PAIR??!!
13. Tickets to Sporting Events…. it doesn’t have to be floor seats at Staples on Kobe Bryant’s last game 😭😭😭😭 tickets to see a minor league baseball game is a great gift because he KNOWS you won’t be there and it’ll be guy time…. UNLESS YOU’RE LIKE ME LOL! I’d be RIGHT there! .


14. Uninterrupted Godfather Marathon… Let that man get his mafia on!
15. Beats by Dre…. They may be EXTREMELY overpriced but your guy will “love you long time” for a pair of these! monster-beats-by-dr-dre-studio-headphones-23-limited-edition_New30276







I hope we gave you some great info and make sure you make him happy also on Sunday! .


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