Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her


Written by: @teambreezy808

I know that Valentine’s Day is around the corner and some of you are late shoppers. Well here are 10 simple gift ideas you can do for the one you LOVE. You have to know what your partner’s love language is in order to fulfill what they need in a relationship. Does she like materialistic things? Does she like spending quality time? You know your partner better than I do. Hopefully you find the list below beneficial for your relationship with your partner.


Candlelight Dinner: If you’ve never cooked for your girlfriend, or wife before, this Valentines Day should be your first time to do it. Women love the little things that men do. Cooking for your significant other takes a lot of time, effort, dedication and love because you have to make sure the meal is delicious. Cook a steak dinner, drink some wine, and have a conversation. After dinner, put on some Marvin Gaye and dance with her. Make it a special night and get it crackin’. Always create memories.


Spa Packages: Women love to get pampered. We love to get our hair and nails done followed by a massage and facial. We stress out more often then men do; so we need to relax. A spa package is one of the best gifts to get your lady because it’s relaxing and uplifting. She will definitely appreciate you because it will show that you truly care about how she feels.


Jewelry: Women love jewelry because it becomes a sentimental value. You can get her a necklace, earrings, or a watch. Hint: make sure it is real and not fake.


Personalized Picture Frame: Put a memorable photo of you and her in it. An engraved picture frame celebrates your love for each other. It will show that you value your relationship with her. In essence, the picture frame symbolizes the strength and bond of your relationship.


Movie Marathon: Women love spending quality time. Take her out on a date to a fancy restaurant, buy some snacks on the way home, and make it a movie marathon night. The Walking Dead season finale starts on Sunday February 14, 2016, on Valentine’s Day and hopefully she’ll extra cuddly, grabbing onto your arms.


Mixed CD: Personally, creating a mix CD of both your favorite songs can never grow old. It’s some old school type of issh, but I think it’s still sweet. You would’ve paid attention carefully to your whole entire relationship adventure in order to pick the right songs that will go on this track. If not, chose songs that both have meaning towards your relationship.


Design and Wine: Make it a date night and go to any of your local Design and Dine studios to paint a canvas together. It maybe corny to some, but remember, women love spending quality time.


Hand crafted Card/LOVE letter: Okay, I know that you men don’t like expressing your feelings as often as you should. C’mon, you only have to do it once a year. If you can’t flat out tell her how you feel, write a formal love letter to her, and read it. If you can’t read it to her because of your pride, surprise her with a gift along with the card. Women love to be reminded of how much you adore her and how much she means to you.


Quality Time: A good man spends quality time with their woman. I know you men work to provide to support your family, or you’re going through some things in your life. If you want to strengthen your relationship, spend quality time with your woman. Your full undivided attention is needed in some way important, special, productive, or profitable; which includes, non sexual affection: hugging, kissing, or holding hands.


Flowers: If all the things above are too hard for you to do. Flowers will be a nice gesture. Find out what her favorite flowers are, or you can just get her the typical 1 dozen of red roses. Hopefully, you’ll come up with more creative things to do on Valentine’s Day for  your significant other.

I hope this has helped you in some way, shape, or form.  Happy Valentine’s Day!! Enjoy!!

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