The lady that Tyrese Gibson had been publicly praying for entered his life in holy matrimony earlier this year.  The multi- threat actor/dancer/singer/model/author was met with criticism when trying to legitimize his new bride’s ethnicity by calling her his #blackqueen who is self described as Ecuadorian, Jamaican and African American.  He then received even more flack by seemingly dissing sisters who choose to wear Weave or extensions and make up. Also he berated those who chose to enhance their looks by cosmetically assisted beauty.

All of these before even hearing a chirp from the new Samantha Gibson. Black Ty seemed more interested in proving to himself that he was happy with his queen than ACTUALLY being happy.

The newlyweds have granted Tyrese’s pastor Creflo Dollar their first interview as a married couple. The interview comes on the heels of a court ordered restraining order against the Fast series star from his ex wife Norma Gibson, citing abuse towards their 10 year old daughter Shayla.

The couple coparent (albeit with multiple bounces along the way) though Tyrese had full physical custody until this new development.

Take a look at the new Gibson’s interview below

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