Tiny, Tamar, & Toya MESS

Let’s see if we can start at the beginning…or at least the beginning of what WE know.

Back in September Tamar Braxton unfollowed her friends Monica and  Toya Wright on Instagram after they appeared on day time talk show The Real. Seems that Tamar was in her feelings about her friends appearing on the show since she was fired. When she unfollowed Tameka “Tiny” Harris,  Tiny clapped back with love but low-key shade posting this:

Cut to this past Tuesday, June 6th and Tiny post this cute picture of Tamar’s son Logan wishing him a after birthday, and her estranged hubby T.I. jumps in the comments and urges the ladies to make up.

Awwww!!  Tiny just strike me as a person who has a big heart and the thought of T.I. cheating on her pisses me off, but that’s another post.  N-E-WAYS…

Tamar responded with the following post and it was really BIG of her, but in TRUE TAMAR fashion, she had to SHADE THE FUCK out of Toya Wright!


And THEN…Reginae read that and I knew in my spirit she was somewhere getting her 300 – 500 word essay double space 12 point font MLA format response together *sigh*

I keep trying to like this lil girl but she keeps inserting herself into GROWN FOLKS BUSINESS. This disagreement is between GROWN WOMEN and she doesn’t need to defend her mother…Her mother CLEARLY can defend herself:

And Tiny just wishes they make up:

We do too Tiny…We wish all you ladies would make up!

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