tinashe-dazed-1Tinashe Covers Dazed Magazine Talks Upcoming Album

Tinashe posed for the Winter 2015 cover of Dazed Magazine. While touring South America with Katy Perry, the 22-year-old singer was all game for the eccentric photos—she licks a miniature toilet, climbs trees, and even holds a lighter to her tongue.

Her sophmore album, Joyride is due in January. It is being lead with the duet with Chris Brown “Player”.

“I want it to be exciting, I want it to keep you on your toes, I want people to not know what to expect,” Tinashe speaks of her album in comparison to Aquarius. “It’s the perfect title for this point in my life… I feel like I’m on a joyride all the time. It’s dangerous, it’s an adventure, it’s emotional.”

She says,“I’m never satisfied, even though I’m super-happy with the success I’ve had. I’m always thinking, ‘How can I take this to the next level? How can I step this up?’”

tinashe-nicki-minajThis past summer we saw her on tour with Nicki Minaj, when asked about that experience she had this to say: “The thing I admire most about her is she’s unforgiving. She’s fearless and she doesn’t care, and that comes across on stage.”

tinashe-dazed-6How does that work with her being a role model? “I feel like I can inspire people in other ways. I don’t feel the need to be super-conservative in my choices or be a typical ‘role model.’ I think I can influence girls to be independent—how to make their own decisions, how to go after their goals and not just sit around waiting to get married to someone who can help build their careers. Take control as a woman: you can create that lifestyle for yourself!”

Goof stuff from such a young girl

“Player” is available on iTunes now. No set date on the release of Joyride yet.


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