Let me preface this by saying I don’t care for Swiftie either (though that #1989 album was 🔥🔥🔥 ) haven’t since all that #KanyeWest talk and how she used his embarrassing moment to infiltrate OUR culture (but #KimKardashianWest is a #culturevulture 😒😒😒) and rode that wave to unprecedented success that she wouldn’t have achieved as a country artist (though she was already a huge success she was just not as big as she is now… #facts #DontArgueWithMe) so this is purely objective based on the cover and the players in the #metoo movement. And hell yea I think the creator of the hashtag and subsequent movement #TaranaBurke should’ve been on the cover.
People all over asking why #TaylorSwift is on the cover of #Times #POY cover. Here’s why and why she’s deserving ( #imo) .

Former radio host #DavidMueller who was fired for allegedly inappropriately touching Swift back in 2013.

Swift and her team spoke to his employer, radio station KYGO, and they QUIETLY fired him. That would have been that, except that in 2015, Mueller sued Swift for $3 million, saying that she, along with her mother Andrea Swift and manager Frank Bell, had lied to his employers about the incident and gotten him unjustly fired.
What makes Tay Tay deserving of the cover more so than say aShleyjudd 😒😒😒 is that she didn’t just claim that the suit was frivolous but instead countersued him for a whopping $1 all in the name of bringing awareness to the illicit activities in the entertainment industry and she WON 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 .

Bare in mind this was back in May before all the #HarveyWeinstein allegations, so no wave rider here. So yrd, she’s deserving of the cover despite what WE feel about her otherwise.

Sidenote: I would’ve loved to see #TerryCrews on the cover besides Ashley Judd (who most definitely rode the Weinstein wave) I think that would’ve made for a more explosive cover.

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