T.I. and Tiny Take Shots Online

OMG!! Insert long, hard <SIGH> here <—–

Whoever advised T.I. and Tiny to do another season of their reality show The Family Hustle needs to be FIRED! Why they just didn’t decide to go out on a high note as the Hip-Hop Huxtable Family is beyond me. I hate to see couples go through bullshit but when it all plays out with all the dirty details on line??


GEEZ! Peep the clip from an upcoming episode where both T.I. and Tiny accuse each other of cheating, where T.I. actually admits to sleeping with one of Tiny’s employees, and justifies it because Tiny was not at odds with the girl at the time.


And to make it worse, he tries to through out that he gave her millions…like Tiny hasn’t been his ride or die, going to jail for him, holding him down, staying home raising his kids, including his outside kids, and being loyal to him. CHIIIIIILLLE!!! ┬áThen peep the screen shots they both posted in response! ┬áThis sucks…I know that being in a long term relationship is hard, but I actually do want them to get past this and find a way to move forward. Best of luck to them!!

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