Shorty Presents… The Year That was 2017

The year that was 2017

The Best and the Worst of the year that was 2017

Let’s start with my top 6 of 2017


Issa Rae had us glued to our tv screens on Sunday nights with Insecure and the tales of Issa, Molly and Lawrence. 2017 was the year to be Insecure.

Joe Budden was the year of Trash (his words not mine) he had us glued to Everyday Struggle with him and DJ Akademiks just to hear his take on everything that was Hip Hop culture. From Lil Yatchy to the Migos and his new baby boy Lexington we fell in love with everything that was Joe Budden

Tiffany Haddish set the world on fire with her loveable sense of humor and undeniable charm. From stealing the show in the movie Girls Trip to becoming the first African-American Woman comedian to host Saturday Night Live, Tiffany is set to take over the World.

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino from Awaken My Love to Atlanta the Golden Globes to the Emmy Awards Donald was one to watch in 2017. With the introduction of Earn, Darius and Paper Boi he brought Atlanta to life showcasing the ups and downs of Earn in company in the ATL. With season 2 of the Emmy winning show set to start in 2018 the sky is the limit for Mr. Glover

Cardi B From Love and Hip Hop to Hip Hop Superstar Cardi B had 2017 on lock with her sit single Bodak Yellow. We fell in love with her style, swag and she became a hip hop princess right in front of our eyes. She had the song of the summer than captivated our fall by getting engaged to Offset of the Migos¬†on stage in Philly during Powerhouse. It’s safe to say 2017 was the year of Cardi B.

Last but not least….

Kendrick Lamar “Sit down, lil bitch Be Humble” K.Dot came back swinging and Damn did not disappoint. From singing loyalty with Rihanna to seeping his DNA inside Don Cheadle the Compton MC was not coming to play in 2017.

I couldn’t leave these two off of my best of 2017 list

Lakeith Stansfield we fell in love with him as Darius on FX’s Atlanta and we desperately wanted him to be rescued in Jordan Peele’s film “Get Out” 2017 was a great year for Lakeith Stansfield







Sza set 2017 on fire with her debut album Ctrl and her hit song “The Weekend” had women sneaking glances at their men checking for side chicks.

The Worst of 2017

Everyday Struggle Show in 8 short months they went from what to watch are you kidding me. Complex holds the L of the year for letting Joe Budden walk out the door and leaving Akademiks and crew trying to figure out what to do next.

The CarMichael Show the “All in the family” of the new generation was gone in a flash with the announcement that Jerrod Carmichael would be leaving the show and NBC would be canceling the show…Boo.

Nicki Minaj we thought the pink barbie was gonna come back with a bang and hit us with some bangers but all we got was chart stats and excuses after Remy hit her with Shether we assumed Nicki was coming back guns blazing to battle…but…nope a sneak diss here, using Nas as new boo to cover up being slaughtered on said boo’s ether beat 2017 wasn’t too nice to Miss Nicki Minaj.

Drake dropped his latest album in early 2017 and by spring no one cared. No before y’all go getting upset with me 2017 just wasnt the year of the Drake.

Last but not least on the list Tyrese not because of his issues with his Ex-Wife Norma Gibson over custody of their daughter Shayla but because he decided to give us an up to the minute update of everything that was Tyrese all day long on Instagram, Facebook and whatever social media app that was willing to listen. From him screaming at The Rock over the Fast and Furious¬†franchise, telling us Will and Jada gave him 5 Million to crying and asking “What More Do You Want From Me” all over Instagram the answer is Nothing we want Nothing from You Tyrese we have seen enough already.

So there you have it Shorty’s Best and Worst of 2017. I wonder what 2018 has in store for us!!!!


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