tumblr_o3xt4m4SSb1r7lpj3o1_500Selena Gomez is now the most Followed Person on Instagram with 72.5 million followers (as of this posting) .

Former Disney star, Selena Gomez became the most followed person on Instagram, surpassing her best friend, Taylor Swift .

No, Selena Gomez is not the most famous person on the planet. She is not even the most famous person with an Instagram account (that would be the those pesky lil Kardashian / Jenner sisters and Taylor Swift ). Most people know her as either the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber, or the girl who was on Witches of Waverly Place, or as a pop star whose songs are always playing in their spin class. She comes across as perfectly appealing in interviews, and has been famous for nearly a decade now, and has carved out a very successful career for herself. But none of this quite explains why she would be the most followed person on arguably the most popular social network.

People have their theories…. we liked these two the most…

She doesn’t post that often. Gomez has posted a total of 1,131 photos on her account, which is about a fourth of the number the seventh-most-followed Kylie Jenner has put up, and half as many as fourth-most-followed Ariana Grande (Swift has only posted 857 times—which indicates there is perhaps a lesson to be learned here for the non-Gomez-and-Swift celebrities.) Also, it seems, in celeb-ville, if you post fewer Instagrams, each individual one becomes more of an “event,” of course, which also benefits Gomez. There’s a certain “specialness” when she posts a shot that other celebrities, who post much more frequently, aren’t quite able to achieve.
Then there’s the ‘Biebs. Her on/off relationship with Justin Bieber. It seems as everything she posts, can basically, end up interpreted as some kind of commentary on her relationship with Bieber. (“Oh, she’s posting a photo in sunglasses!!!! Once, Justin wore sunglasses!!!! She CLEARLY misses him so much right now!!”) But, as much as she might (or might not) wish it otherwise, that dynamic adds a certain dynamic to her posts, Also, it is quite possible there is a large portion of Beliebers who follow her—in order to monitor her every move.
Very interesting indeed! 😊

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