Wine and Extra butter popcorn, I have mine now “Can We Talk”. Girlfriend did you check out this episode. If you didn’t let me tell you.

Phaedra bless your heart when you wanted to share your congress connections and the million man march experience with the rest of the ladies, but you should have left old maid Kim at home with her confused husband.

I mean she complained the whole damn time, from getting ready in the morning, because she wants to be Joan clever instead of hiring a person to help for one day. Then she complained about meeting the senator, the conversation, to going to the March.

“Hello” why didn’t she stay at home? She even walked out of a photo with another senator, and her son he is 8 talking about I want to get on my phone boy please, her family uses her as a doormat. I could go on and on about her but I don’t have two bottles of wines for her.

Let’s visit Kenya, she returns from her mini reunion in Detroit Michigan, where she attempted to knock on her mothers door, and got a door bolt locked on her. What kind of mess is this? Hold on I need a slip of wine. Ok I’m back.

Yes she gave her daughter away at 3 days old, but she goes to family functions and says nothing to your daughter and everyone is ok with this? I want to know why Kenya aunt and cousin came at her like that? So what that’s your sister but she is wrong, and so are you. How in the hell do you just let this go? Make me understand.

I almost burnt my popcorn again, but we’re good. Porsha you know just because he got new breast and your last eye candy was young does not mean your next one should be younger. Did you see her eyeing Sharee young son? Girl please go freeze your eggs and read up on black history.

You know when you get to a certain age you want those breast sitting high, but sometimes this fails when you are buying your bras at Wally World, and Lying saying you got them from Victoria secret NeNe.

Kandi girlfriend I know you are ready to pop, and you are not comfortable in any sitting position,  but your breast are going to slap you before you give birth. Oh yes she is looking good, and she is doing that and then some, but a restaurant with hubby, mom, and sister in the ATL I’m not sure you want to do this. But go for it, we will keep an eye on this one.

This episode had me like oh ok, but it didn’t take a whole bottle of my white wine to watch. There was just something missing I was looking for that wow and that didn’t happen not even with the queen NeNe returing. All this fake smiling on her behalf made me want to switch white to red wine.

I did feel bad for Phaedra and Apollo son, because that poor baby don’t know why daddy is gone, but I have a strange feeling he won’t be doing the whole 8 years.

Let’s Talk is so done, until Sunday when I get that red wine, popcorn and my girlfriends to chat about that episode. Until the next time talk among yourselves. 😘😘😘😘






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