This review is honest… brutally so… beware!

Kill Jay Z– This one track caused the biggest controversy which is crazy because the song is about him killing his ego. Airing out his wrong doings. He said this fuck everybody attitude ain’t natural… then he supposedly goes in on Kanye West for the 20 minute tirade he did during his last show of his I’ll fated The Life of Pablo tour; where he basically let everyone know that things between the Wests and the Carters are less than kosher. He then went on to “admit” to indiscretions that egged Solange on that lead to the infamous elevator scene…. saying never go Eric Benet… as we know he and Halle Barry’s marriage ended after Eric admitted to being a sex addict. The last jab supposedly went to Future. The line goes I don’t know what you woulda done… in the future other Niggas playing football with your son. I guess any line with Future and son are jabs😒😒😒 . All in all the bars are typically Jay the track is stripped down to let the listener hear every syllable. Pretty decent start.

The Story of OJ– this song is about the sambo attitude of rappers today… here he attempts to school the new millennial generation about depreciation and appreciation when it comes to finances. The first track caused controversy as well as this one did…yall still taking pictures with money to ya ear… there’s a disconnect we don’t call that money over here. Yea Meek Mill and Boosie took the most offense. It’ll either hit you with knowledge or you’ll hear and keep it moving… but he put the game down.

Smile – this song is prolific because it touches on his mom’s struggle with sexuality. He also talks about the ongoing issues with blood diamonds. I would say this was the the most real track

Caught in Their Eyes– This track attempts to justify or clarify the situation with Prince’s masters that he was accused of stealing and streaming on tidal.

4:44– This one is all for Beyonce and her Lemonade fans. It also finally sheds light on how young Beyonce was when they started dating. Can we say Tyga and Kylie💅💅💅

….. And it Just repeats itself for the duration of the album (with a small break on #Bam )

I honestly couldn’t even write an entire review on this album, it was too boring. And this coming from a die hard Jay-Z fan. I need him to either talk about something other than Beyonce, being a billionaire and art appreciation or hang it up. It’s ok to retire twice, Michael Jordan did it.

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