Obama Says Trump Won’t Be President: Trump Fires Back

President Barack Obama believes that Donald Trump will not succeed to become President of the United States. Obama puts his faith in the American people and will choose a candidate other than Trump. In addition, Americans know that being a President is a tough job and pushing reform is harder than it looks. President Obama was asked by a reporter about Trump at the Asean economic summit in California on Tuesday.

Donald Trump, a billionaire business man has won one state as primary and leads the polls in South Carolina. Republicans will be voting on Saturday.

Donald Trump fires back and said President Obama has done a lousy job and has brought America back so far. As he continues on, Trump thinks Obamacare is terrible and republicans will terminate to replace it. On top of that, Trump says he’s lucky that he didn’t run as President when Romney ran because he could’ve been a one-term President.

My thoughts about this, Obama did not set us back, it was the Bush administration that did. Republicans has majority rule over the Senate right now and that is the reason why it is hard for Obama to push reform. The legislation process is a long process and when the House and Senate can’t agree, to push for reform takes longer. I think the only reason why Trump leads the republican poll is because people in America are angry. They are so desperate for change that they are keeping their eyes closed. Well I say, America, it’s time to open your eyes and choose wisely on who you want as President. Study the delegates wisely and choose one who will represent this country as a whole. Lastly, someone who will be strong in foreign policy, too. Watch Trumps response below.

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