The #NoFunLeague appears to be chiseling away at its long-held, draconian stance on touchdown celebrations. .

#NFL commissioner #RogerGoodell informed NFL owners who are meeting on Tuesday at the J.W. Marriott for their annual league meeting that many long-disallowed celebrations after touchdowns — such as snow angels, using the ball as a prop and group celebrations — will now be allowed again. The league had tried to reduce these from the games over the past several seasons but found out that they were penalizing players for frivolous activities. .

Speaking with a small group of media, Goodell said the league has spent the past few months meeting with players, fans and coaches about the issue and decided it was time to relax their stance on celebrations, opening up more personality to the game again.

“We heard fans and players on this,” Goodell said.

Of course, there will still be excessive celebration penalties for instances of excessive violence (e.g. throat slashes, mimicking a weapon) or sexuality, or for cases where players are taunting opponents or the opposing sideline.

“The players felt strongly about the integrity of the game,” Goodell said. “They wanted no part of that either.”

So still no twerking. Sorry for all the wannabe Hingle McCringleberries out there. That third pump will get ya.


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