Moonlight Video – Jay Z Throws Beautiful SHADE

Jay Z released a video on Tidal titled, “Moonlight” in which we see a Black version of friends played by Jerrod Carmichael as Ross, Issa Rae as Rachel, Tessa Thompson as Monica, Tiffany Haddish as Phoebe, LaKeith Stanfield as Chandler,and Lil Ray Howery as Joey.


The SHADE of this video is OH SO Beautiful for several reasons and I will start with the fact that all of these actors and actresses are currently starring in TV shows in which I’m pretty sure they are not being paid a million dollars per episode as the “Friends” cast were. Issa is Killing it in Insecure”, Tessa was the excellent lead in “Dear White People”, LaKeith was the awesome voice of reason on “Atlanta” and Jerrod, Tiffany, and Lil Ray all star in the very intellectual comedy that tackles issues everyone else are afraid of on”The Carmicahel Show” which is ending its current run and have been canceled.


I think it’s amazing how these Black actors re-created this “Friends” episode and white people all over Twitter were highly upset saying it was disrespectful, clearly missing why this “spoof” of that particular series was done in the first place. We all know that “Friends” and “Sienfield” were white folks Holy Grail of 90’s sitcoms but we’re also not gonna sit up here and act like “Friends” wasn’t a DIRECT RIP OFF of “Living Single”! Yes, a show about friends living in the same apartment building with careers and love lives was ALREADY in motion  (1993 t be exact) when they decided to white-wash it as ‘Friends a year later in 1994.

Drops receipt below! Bloop!


In Jay Z’s version, when they cut for a break, Carmichael walks off set and talks to his boy who basically tells him the show is corny as FUCK!  LOL!! Carmichael tries to explain that   this version of Friends will be “subversive and turn culture on its head” while  clowns him saying that he “did a good job of subverting good comedy.” (Cause “Friends” wasn’t that damn funny…and I know because I’ve watched damn near every episode!”)

Then, Carmichael leaves the set, strolls outside, takes a seat on a bench while staring at the moon while we hear the audio playing fro this year’s Oscar Awards when they mistakenly announced of “La La Land” winning the Oscar for Best Picture. Yuuuupp…I had my Wee-Bay face too!!!


Haven’t seen the video? Don’t have Tidal?

Check it out in its entirety below and comment on IG and let us know your thoughts!!

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