Marriage Bootcamp gone wrong

maxresdefault (1)😱😱😱 “Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars. Can we talk (in my Joan rivers voice) there is only one couple married on here, oops I forgot two. Sean and Catherine come on,  you went on a reality  show for a man to pick you with a rose and now you are complaining about other women talking to Sean are you kidding me? For two weeks Sean and Catherine have acted like the perfect couple in front of people,but have major problems behind the doors.mama-june-sugar-bear

Mama June and Sugar Bear are we sure they are not third cousins removed. If he cheated I just won the Mega lottery. I mean come on let’s not forget the television show  they  had, where she walked all over this man, and now she is sitting here crying,  come on go buy some more tiolet paper in bulk.

The once bad girls club star and Mr inkman, I don’t know what to call this, because it’s not a relationship when this man is calling you everything but the child of God on national tv, and you are laughing it off, girl please wake up. He needs a wake up call because treating woman the way he does is going to get him in trouble.

Sundy only lasted one season on basketball wives la before she was to boring to continue, but talks down to Cedric every chance she gets. I understand you can’t help what your heart loves, but he is a sugar daddy. He pays her bills and she walks all over him, she would be penniless if it was me.benzino-althea-heart

Oh wow the magazine owner Benzion and I can sing but no hit record yet Althea. Why oh why are they on here. All they do is arguing morning, noon, and night even in the kitchen while they cooking my favorite crab legs, come on if you argue this much newsflash break up. Oops to late they have a baby now.

Join me again next week same time, same channel for another review of marriage Bootcamp: reality stars.


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