Lebron James Vs Jason Whitlock

I will be the FIRST person to admit that I am NOT a Lebron James fan. I’m far from it…partially because I’m a die Hard Kobe Bryant fan, but mostly because I just don’t respect his game. I hate the references to Jordan and the “The Greatest EVER” title when I just don’t see it. Lebrick is a whiner who uses his size to take advantage of small forwards with a suspect jumper, shaky defense, and no clutch game. Now off the court? He’s actually a good dude and I respect him as a family man. With that being said, I hate to EVER have to agree with LeBrick James, but leave it to Jason Whitlock AKA The Real Live Uncle Ruckas to take me there.


Lebron’s $20 million dollar Brentwood home, on the Westside of Los Angeles was spraypainted with the N word and the LAPD is investigated. During a press conference, Lebron was asked about the incident and had this to say:


Jason Whitlock, asked his good friend Colin Cowherd to be a guest on his show today because he wanted to rebut some of the things Lebron said. ┬áLike I REALLY just don’t get this dude! It is HARD being black in Donald Trump’s America and money don’t change race…no matter how much money you have or how much success you have, yo black ass is still BLACK FIRST before you are anything else. Lebron never said being black is the worst thing in America…he said it’s tough….where’s the lie??

Check out what Uncle Ruckas had to say:

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