The biggest hurdle standing between the #Raiders and their move to #LasVegas was finally cleared on Thursday when the Las Vegas Stadium Authority board unanimously approved the team’s lease at their soon-to-be-built $1.9 billion stadium in Southern Nevada.
As recently as one week ago, it didn’t look like the lease was going to get done in time for Thursday’s meeting, which would’ve been a disaster for everyone involved.

If the lease hadn’t been approved on Thursday, there was a good chance that the stadium in Vegas would have been delayed a year, meaning it would open in 2021, instead of 2020.
Coincidentally, the Raiders hit their deadline on the same day that the #Chargers and #Rams found out their stadium was going to be delayed.
Earlier on Thursday, the Rams announced that their new $2.6 billion stadium in #Inglewood, #California is going to be delayed a year and won’t open until 2020, meaning that in three years, the #NFL’s going to be getting two brand new stadiums that are separated by less than 300 miles.
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