1279662924_khloe-lgNow not to get our hopes up too too high it could just be a formality so that the judge doesn’t rule on their divorce and Khloe not be able to make legal decisions regarding Lamar. But I’m choosing optimism and taking it as a sign that they’re going to take another stab at it.

Khloe’s lawyer Laura Wasser went before a judge Wednesday morning, asking a judge to withdraw the papers they both signed to end their marriage. The file was sitting in a pile waiting to be processed and signed by a judge.

The judge granted Wasser’s request and the file is now dead.


Khloe filed for divorce in December 2013, but sat on it for a year and a half because she tried to save her marriage by trying to get Lamar into rehab. She finally gave up this summer.

As we reported, Khloe privately vowed to be by Lamar’s side during his recovery, which will take months, and a few days ago they both agreed to give their marriage another chance. They both signed the document Wasser presented to the judge, asking that the divorce case be dismissed.


Yall know I am all about reconciliation! So here’s to love!

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