Kanye in Rehab?

Earlier this month, Kanye West deleted all of his social media accounts and was supposedly in Wyoming in the mountains working on new music. This was easy to believe because the behavior was not out of the norm for Kanye….to be locked up in the lab working on new music.  While his wife has mad public appearances by herself all month long by herself, it was assumed he had been working on music. Some even suspected trouble in their marriage because they had not been seen together and Kanye didn’t do an elaborate display of affection for Mother’s Day like he had done in years past. Finally, they were photographed with their children enjoying a day out at Disneyland and again a few days later celebrating their 3 year marriage anniversary, although the pics showed clearly there was some tension between them.


Well, #WordOnTheCurb is he was NOT working on music but he was away in rehab instead. Coincidentally, he was gone just long enough for a short stint in rehab and to have his meds adjusted. After being hospitalized last November for 9 days and evaluated for his mental health, Kanye has been rather “quiet” (by his standards) even though tea has been simmering for months that he has been fighting a nasty coke habit. So if he did indeed go to rehab, it’s a wonderful thing! I know first hand how a loved one with an addiction finally getting help is a blessing!  Kanye and Kim have really had a bumpy road with the Paris robbery, him meeting with Donald Trump, him being hospitalized, and constantly fighting break up rumors. Whatever he was doing in Wyoming, whether it was rehab, new music or both, we wish him and his family well. Posted by: Sexcee O 😉



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