K Michelle: My Life Szn 2, Ep 3

Ok, so on this episode of K Michelle: My Life, we see K trying to repair her relationship with ex Bobby. I think its a terrible idea and so do her friend Ms Diddy and her hairstylist. Bobby takes K on this safari excursion to prove he is serious about taking their relationship to the next level. K holds her smug demeaneor as he trys to be romantic but then softens as they enjoy a beautiful view. Then she does the unthinkable, she gives him some! This guy has abandoned you in the most vulnerable time of your life and all he has to do to get back in your pants is take you to look at some animals! I don’t know if she really suffers from low self esteem or this is just for ratings but this is a disaster waiting to happen. And it happens! While K is drunk in love after consumating their relationship she looks over at his phone and what does she see, you say? He’s DM’ng random chick on Instagram! Epic fail! So instead of confronting him instantly, K lets it ride because her focus is on her impending house warming party. The party starts and K is all smiles thanking her friends and family for being there, until she sees Bobby. Bobby has invited his aunt, who is under the impression that they are all going to be happy family and live together. K puts a wrench in that and blasts Bobby about his scandalous ways! Bobby of course plays dumb and that’s where the episode cuts off. Now, I know K uses her life experiences as material for her album but come on now! You know better, you do better! Do better K Michelle! You can catch K Michelle: My Life on Mondays on VH1 @ 8:30p/cst.

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