I mean this chick really takes herself way too seriously…

Iggy Azalea took to Twitter to vent her frustrations over a photo shoot with Steve Madden.

“Everything in collaboration is supposed to be mutually approved. But Steve madden did the most disgusting photo shoot ever and never,” the 24-year-old rapper tweeted. “Even told me about it, I’m just now seeing it as its uploaded on some random tumblr page and iam livid.”

Iggy continued, “I worked really hard on the creative direction of both the shoes and the shoot I WAS involved with and in. I really feel it’s been Tainted with these God awful images that Steve madden took appon themselves to create and share without my knowledge. Gross gross gross. Ivd been bamoozeled with a tumblr page where everyone wears socks and takes unintentional crotch shots on pool toys. I’m in shock.”

For the duration that the Tumblr page was open to the public, Internet users (including HuffPost Style) were able to see trippy images and gifs mixed with crotch shots of headless models, images of the star and floating text blocks with phrases including “Modern-day Spice Girls,” and “Unapologetic, loud and fun.” An unattributed quote also appeared on the page saying, “I wanted to make shoes your girlfriends would love and your boyfriends wouldn’t understand.”

The photos of the shoes on the Tumblr page appeared to match images that Azalea Instagrammed in 2014, when she mentioned the upcoming collaboration.

When reached for comment, a spokesperson for The Steve Madden Company told The Huffington Post:
“This was a lover’s quarrel. We love Iggy and are very excited about our collaboration. When you get two artists working together sometimes there are fireworks. It’s our creative differences that allow us to design an incredible collection and we are looking forward to sharing it with the world!”

Welp okay




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