hulk-hoganIn an Unprecedented Case… The Celebrity Won in a Defamation Case Against a “Tabloid” .

Hulk Hogan won a $115 million Lawsuit against Gawker for releasing a sextape between him and a friend’s wife where he made racist comments. It was these comments that ultimately led to him being fired from the World Wrestling Federation.
Gawker stated that since Hogan openly talked about sleeping with his friends wife they had legal right to release the tape but Hogan says he had no idea he was being filmed. This in turn is what got him the victory.nick-denton-founder-of

We wonder, though we find both parties to be racist pigs, what’s different between Hogan and Donald Sterling both didn’t know they were being taped. Should Sterling be allowed to get the Clippers back? Can he sue the NBA for wrongful termination? Can you say slippery slope?

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