Earlier this week Gucci released their Spring/Summer 2018 Cruise line. The runway show would have probably never made it to urban blogs if it weren’t for one interesting piece that looked familiar to a piece famed “hood couture” designer Dapper Dan did in the eighties.

When the side by side picture went viral blacks cried foul, appropriation and even demanded that the legendary fashion house give him and his company credit.

A little back history on Dapper Dan; he used fabric emblazoned with the logos of the top fashion houses and turned them into garments that people in the boroughs of New York would wear. His shop on 125th street was raided countless times due to lawsuits brought on by the labels he “knocked off “.

Some people say it’s another example of cultural appropriation but I say it’s karma. Unfortunately you really can’t cry appropriation when the very thing you’re claiming is being appropriated contains pieces of the appropriatee’s original design.

But, it seems that the pressure got to Gucci and on an Instagram post they gave Dapper Dan gave credit.

What do you think?!

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