We dont call it the airport – we call it the clear port…


Jay-Z uttered these words to distinguish his flying style from us mere mortals but an Uber-style revolution in private jet travel is bringing it within reach of a new generation of savvy travellers.

Thousands of jets that stand idle when their super-rich owners don’t need them are now available to hire via smartphone apps.
Passengers can even undercut the cost of commercial fares by purchasing seats on ‘empty legs’ – when the jets are being relocated from one country to another.

It means they can fly like celebrities or City hedge-fund managers, enjoying the comfort, speed and privacy of an executive jet for just a fraction of the cost of actually owning one.


Fly like The Carters with special ques for security, plush seats, concierge service etc. This is the kind of experience being offered by Victor and its global competitors JetSmarter and Ubair, whose apps show which jets are located where, and how much it costs to hire the whole plane or buy a single ticket. You can book and board with just a few swipes of your smartphone.


Clive Jackson, the British tech entrepreneur who founded Victor,told, ‘This is aimed at people who want to fly out, seal a deal and be home in time for dinner; a couple celebrating a wedding anniversary who want to do something different; or two families who just want to get away on holiday together without any of the stresses.
‘We want people to check out Victor and say, “Wow, I can do that.” ’
And it seems they now can. On the ‘empty leg’ section of the Victor website, a flight from Luton to Cannes costs as little as £605 ($655.20)per person, based on seven people flying.

For more information, visit or download its app.

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