Farrah Franklin of Destiny Child’s Fame Speaks Out On Her Departure… .

She was only in one video. If you tuned out b for 3 Weeks You’d Have Missed Her Altogether. The third member to leave the famed group Destiny’s Child is speaking up.



The original story was that Farrah and DC parted ways because Farrah missed several major shows and promotional appearances. She had only been with the group for 6 months. Farrah Franklin tells Vlad TV, “Ultimately it was management. He did get kind of loud. It’s not a way you would want somebody treating your 18-year-old daughter, fresh out of the hospital from stomach flu and dehydration. I was just taking it. I’m on the outside. I’m around everyone and their family. Michelle has her family, and they stick together, and I’m kind of the one left out. So I was just taking it until I was tired of taking it.
MV5BNTE3OTQyOTQyNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjIxMTEzMQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_When I left the group, they weren’t honest with people in saying that I left. They were trying to give themselves more time to clear the air or whatever, but I never missed a show. Ever. You can’t say I’m missing shows when I’m no longer a part of the group anymore. That’s a lie. A bold faced one.

When asked why she believes her reason for departing was fabricated she says “Because they didn’t want people to know what was going on. They just lost two other members six months ago. Everybody is leaving for the same reason and we don’t even know each other. It must be something. I think they were giving themselves enough time to put together a plan of what they were going to say because like I said, I’ve never missed a show.

Farrah says that the shows she allegedly missed, she was no longer in the group for. She does admit walking out on a show in Seattle, saying that’s the day she quit. She said that this was the day she returned from being very very sick and no one showing any concern about her health besides Michelle. She is adamant this is the only time she’s missed a show or walked out, despite the fact we all watched her walk out on the All Access TV special as well.

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