IMG_7096-1D.A.T:  We got a sneak peek at some great and powerful  new music  #BlackLivesMatter do you write your own music?


Lanye’: Well first off, thank you !! Second, I do actually have a writer. But I cowrite with her as well. We bounce ideas off of each other and it comes together great.

D.A.T: Your cover of Adeles Remedy was amazing. What’s your favorite cover song?


Lanye’: Thank you so much. Actually , Remedy is my favorite cover I’ve ever done. I enjoyed recording that because it was real emotions for me.

D.A.T: Having Eric Bellinger for a famous and talented cousin has he offered any advice on making it in this business?


Lanye’:  Eric is amazing. He’s given me some advice with writing and making music but honestly his music alone is inspirational enough for me. He doesn’t really have to say much haha

D.A.T: Speaking of famous family your cousin Meagan Good is also very influential in career correct? How has that been for you?


Lanye’: Yes , Meagan was my manager for about 8 years when I was in the group. Since I’ve been solo she’s actually been still a huge part of the process, she gives me great advice when it comes to my new music and picking a lane for myself, with my image and just uplifting words in general. To say She’s been amazing is an understatement , she’s helped me in so many ways i could never repay her for. She’s just a blessing!

D.A.T: If I wanted to direct a person to one song of yours so they could get a good feel of who you are, what would that song be?

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Lanye’: As far as original music, there isn’t any out yet. But to get a good feel of my voice I have a YouTube that they can be directed to. Lanye’ Musik

D.A.T: Though I know your mom and she’s hip and the coolest,  what’s it like to have your mom be so hands on in your career?


Lanye’: My mom is amazing. She’s just as hungry as I am which is great because it pushes me to work & honestly my team pushes harder because of her as well , you know how moms are haha

D.A.T: Style wise, what two pieces can you not live without?


Lanye’: Ooh. Style wise that’s hard lol it’s summer so I’m definitely in too the cute rompers and sundresses . They’re my go to lol

IMG_5989D.A.T: For all your fans, is Lanye single?


Lanye’: Lol No. Lanye’ is not single lol. I’ve been in a relationship for almost 2 years. He’s great!

D.A.T: What’s coming up next for Lanye?


Lanye’: hmm. What’s coming next? Well I don’t want to give too much but I’m definitely working on putting some music out in the next couple of months so it’s really just studio time.

D.A.T: Since we’re based in Vegas we ask this question of all our interviewees, when in Vegas whats the one thing you have to do?


Lanye’:  My new favorite thing since my recent time in Vegas is The Fashion Show. I love shopping and that mall is so huge I get so excited lol

Thanks sweet heart for taking the time to speak with us.
Thank you so much for having me. 😘

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