kristathegreek_1143018440375345965_19194807We had a wonderful opportunity to get to know one of the co-stars of BET’s newest reality show About The Business, Krista Kolley.

Krista is originally from Chelmsford, MA and graduated from Suffolk University in Massachusetts majoring in business. She is a Public Relations specialist and Event Manager and owns her own firm, A List Group L.A.

When asked how she came about being on the show the proud Grecian had this to say :

“The idea was brought to me by a friend of mine Danielle Crawley, whom already had a long standing friendship with the group.  Initially I thought there is no way I’m doing this because I didn’t think the audience would receive me well, but eventually she was able to convince me.”

kristathegreek_1102988768099115655_19194807Krista Kolley, the project manager, is no stranger to hard work and deadlines, but did any of that help her when it came time to film?

“The business aspect of it was like second nature to me but the constant filming and capturing personal moments was very overwhelming to me. All of the other castmates have been in Hollywood to an extent, for me it was foreign. Producing the events and being a publicist is all in the background, I can’t say that any high profile event or client could have prepared me for reality TV.”

We also wanted to know what it felt like going from behind the scenes to being in front of the camera. She says it was a task as she’s used to being in the background, “At first it felt very odd… I always felt like I should be working, but it was work lol so it took a while to adjust. At times I still feel a little guilty, taking time for a interview or an event for myself feels weird.”

Well, we are grateful you took the time out to speak with us. Speaking of time, we know in today’s society social media is the most used form of marketing outside of word of mouth and television, so what are Krista’s thoughts on running a business and using social media? “Social media is very important! A List Group LA is still a small firm so we don’t have a lot of time to focus on social media outside of managing our clients’ platforms, however now that we are growing we are planning to put much more time into engaging our social media audience.  Luckily the majority of our new clients come from referrals of past clients.”

Now that the finale for About the Business has aired, we had to know that one thing she wanted to set the record straight on.

“Of course there is plenty, editing is a bitch. Crystal (Crystal Renay, co-star) and I were very close at a certain time, she always wanted to call me unloyal but, when everything went down with Sparkle (Krista’s co-star and business partner) the first few episodes Crystal didn’t have my back at all and Sparkle and Crystal were never as close as her and I. I also was never friends with Candice B, I shot scenes with her merely because I was asked to.”

So what’s next for the trilingual reality star?

“I still own ALISTGROUPLA with Sparkle, we are currently shopping Alexandra Amor’s project, in the process of planning a bunch of ESPY events,summer events, And product launches! I have also committed to NYC and being there most of my time as I am now an associate partner of a large construction firm. Lots happening, all I can say is once you remove the negative only positive things happen. 2016 is back to the Krista project 🙂 “
And self catering is never a bad thing!
Thanks Krista!

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