4501614_origRecently we had the very immense pleasure of getting to know more about singer / songwriter Alexandra Amor. The Florida native who has been compared to the likes of Alanis Morrisette and Amy Winehouse opened up about what it was like to be featured on a reality show and open fora legendary soul group. She also dished on her style preferences. Join us for our exclusive interview with music’snewest and brightest star.

D.A.T Vegasgyrl:  We saw you on About the Business performing at the Viper Room, knowing that it was to be broadcast on national television, how were your nerves?

Alexandra: My nerves were of that for every performance, televised or not butterflies until the first lyrics flow out…. then it’s the fun part.. performing your ass off & having a great time sharing your story through music. The Viper Room was an amazing experience.8597952_orig

D.A.T Vegasgyrl: How would you describe working alongside your friends/management on a reality show?

Alexandra: Interesting… the show business is testing industry. It tests your morals as an individual, it tests your relationships, true colors are revealed. The ‘About the business’ process was both fun and stressful, everyone is out for themselves. Working alongside my managers was awesome though, we really came together as a team.

D.A.T Vegasgyrl: Is there anything about your experience with About the Business that you wish you could change?

Alexandra: I believe everything happens as it should, or as well as you prepare… I was prepared:)

D.A.T Vegasgyrl: Some compare your sound to Amy Winehouse, if you had to compare yourself to an artist who would that be?

Alexandra: It’s an honor to be compared to Miss Winehouse, she is one of my favorite vocalists/lyricists. I wouldn’t compare myself to any ‘one’ artist really, I have many influences such as The Shangri Lahs, the supremes, patsy cline, dixie chicks, michael buble, christina aguilera… my taste in music varies and I love to pull different techniques from all different types of records. However I do gravitate to the smokey, jazz/ soul/ blues vocalists. Those genres always put me in a trance from the authentic lyrics to the live instruments.. i’m in love with it all.7878358_orig

D.A.T Vegasgyrl: You have opened for legendary artists Earth Wind and Fire, what was your initial reaction to that honor?

Alexandra: I was stoked beyond belief. My mom flew in from Florida (all the way to Los Angeles where the show was at House of Blues on Sunset) she was beyond excited as well…. it was my first show in LA…. and still to this day one of my favorite experiences.

D.A.T Vegasgyrl: We understand you’re releasing a video soon, what song is it for and what’s the vibe?

Alexandra: “Not Easy to Love” – it’s easy listening, soul/pop – dark and meaningful lyrics definitely one of my most personal records & most intimate videos…. first male lead, Abs & teardrops.  Check it out for yourself below


D.A.T Vegasgyrl: Do you have a release date for your upcoming album Unplugged?

Alexandra: I am releasing a new track and Music Video every month this summer – stay tuned and reference back to the official website for news and updates www.AlexandraAmorMusic.com

D.A.T Vegasgyrl: Style wise, what is the one thing you can’t do without?

Alexandra: Loafers & a hat – two is better than one.

D.A.T Vegasgyrl: When you’re in Vegas, what’s the one thing you have to do?

Alexandra: I can’t disclose that so i’ll stick with black jack. I love to gamble. “oo lifes a gamble be sure to roll the dice, jack on the rocks cause baby thats my vice” are lyrics I wrote in my other single ‘MAMA’ – which stays very true to my life. I moved from Tampa Florida to California with the money I won at the hard rock in Tampa.. it was my thing.


Thanks for taking the time to speakwith us Alexandra and look out for more exclusive interviewswith D.A.T Vegasgyrl.


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