I didn’t even open up the wine up or evite any one over to discuss this boring ass episode. All they did was go to one person another. Kim is still trying to be in the circle with these uptight beaches.

Let give Kim a word of advice stop. She had a bunch for the ladies, and no one was suppose to wear make up one person did it that was Sheree, the rest of these ladies said no

Kim Kim if you don’t knock the hell out Kenya ass you better , she continues to let Kenya drag her ass and say nothing to her face, can’t be me.

Did we miss the memo and Phaedra and Apollo divorce, why are they dragging it on, like they won’t be together when he gets out, honey please.

Cynthnia I want to know what has Kenya ever produced compared to Kim I can’t believe she is serious about having both of them do this commercial, yeah she stupid as hell. If Cynthia wants a Kmart commercial go work with Kenya.

Tune in next week for another review, this time were drinking wine I’m going need just to watch it.

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