I know I’m not the only one with a big  HUH?!  look plastered on their face.

Here’s the skinny. The Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard was not arrested despite bringing a loaded handgun to George Bush Intercontinental Airport last month.

According to a TMZ report, a TSA agent discovered Howard’s Glock 26 9mm in a carry-on bag when he was boarding a flight in Houston on Thursday. He told law enforcement officials that the gun was left in the bag accidentally. He was allowed to give the gun to a friend to take it away from the airport despite it being loaded.

Security then allowed him to re-enter the boarding line and take the flight without incident. It would seem that Howard was an early beneficiary of a law that went into place in Texas this month.

As noted by Tom Benning of the Dallas Morning News, new legislation in Texas allows registered gun holders a so-called gimme when they forget a gun is in their carry-on luggage. Before the legislation went into place, such a mistake could result in a third-degree felony charge. Though the law did not officially begin until Sept. 1, it would seem officials at George Bush Airport gave Howard a reprieve.

“It provides discretion to law enforcement to make a judgment right then and there,” Sen. Juan Hinojosa told Benning. “Was it just an unintentional mistake?”

It sounds like it was simply an accident on Howard’s part. Still, it’s nonetheless a lucky break he found friendly law enforcement and that his infraction came in Texas rather than a state with more stringent gun laws. Lucky bastard. And he was black IN Texas lol but then again he is Dwight Howard center for the Rockets. Were they really going to arrest him? I think not smgdh

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