We, at Dat Vegas Girls Plus One, have been noticing that every week we see crazy things that catch our eyes, so much so, that we have decided to do a weekly round up of the DUMBEST SHIT that we’ve seen on social media. Although we love the fact the internet brings us a PLETHORA of information on a daily basis, we can not escape the fact that it also brings a BUNCH of DUMB SHIT too!  From celebrity interviews, user comments, reality TV, and crazy videos, check back here every week to get a review of the DUMB SHIT we’ve seen…After all, sharing is caring, so if we’ve seen it, you have GOT TO SEE it too!! Enjoy!! – Sexcee O 😉




Let us start with non other than the King, Lebron James!  While he and his wife Savannah were out enjoying Game 7 of the World Series baseball game, cameras caught wifey looking as if she was smoking some of that Sticky-Icky-Icky!!  Of course the internet went crazy and memes popped up everywhere! It appears as if she was eating something and stopped MID- CHEW once she noticed the cameras caught her pigging out. BUT it also looks like she got her jaws full of smoke and she was waiting to be off camera to blow that shit oooooouuutt!!   LOL!! You can see the video below to judge for yourself but, why did this make the list? Cause one of our users just COULD NOT bear to join in the fun of the Always Politically Correct King James wifey smoking weed and getting caught on camera!  Peep the comment someone left on our page! Seems like the person that commented need some of that OOhWeee to RELAX and stop taking life so serious!!  DUMB SHIT! DUMB SHIT! DUMB SHIT! DUMB SHIT!





Moving on to Blacc Chyna, who we still think is ELEVENTY Months preggers, but appears to be in GREAT spirits when she uploaded a video of herself dancing to the EVER so popular Ju-Ju on That Beat! The video she upload was actually really cute, with her big exposed belly poking out and she sashayed her way through the room, swinging her hair and twirling about. The best part is when she points at her son, Lil King, (who appears to be oblivious to anything going on other than his toy truck) and does the part in the song that says, “You UGLY…YOU YO DADDY SON!”  Check out the video below!!  Again, why did this make out list? Cause some miserable FUN -SUCKER on Twitter, (and actually a bunch of other Judgy McJudgerstons) called Chyna out for calling her own son Ugly! Like seriously, if you have not heard Ju-Ju on That Beat and didn’t know that she was joking along with that part of the song, you should just GIVE UP ON LIFE AND GO LAY DOWN IN TRAFFIC! Geeez…what a MISERABLE existence dumb asses!!  DUMB SHIT! DUMB SHIT! DUMB SHIT! DUMB SHIT!




Moving right along to the Country Music Awards and all the DUMB SHIT we saw in regards to Beyonce performing Daddy Lessons! CHIIIILLLEEE… when I say people lost their mind over this shit here, I’m not exaggerating not even a teeny tiny bit!  First of all, as a fan of Bey, I was HOOKED on Daddy Lessons as soon as I saw Blue Ivy playing with Papa Matthew when the Lemonade movie/video/docudrama dropped.  Seriously, You can check my IG to see a pic of me posing in a cowboy hat with thehashtag #DaddyLessons weeks ago!  And I say all of that to say this… her performing Daddy Lessons was not RANDOM as the HATERS may have you believe. The Dixie Chicks have actually been doing LIVE covers of the song all over the country, so as a fan, it was no surprise, that they called Beyonce up and asked her to perform with the girls at the awards.



Now, while I am a fan, let’s be CLEAR…I am NOT A MEMBER of the BeyHive (God bless em). Sometimes, I just which they had ONE PERSON who will be the BeyLeader and do a lil BeyResearch before they go STINGING people’s comments and shit all willy nilly!!   LOL!!  The HIVE was PISSED because the CMAs removed all traces of Beyonce from their social media outlets. So in true BeyHive fashion, they went all STINGING the CMA’s social media accounts…so bad to the point where the CMAs had to release a statement to let them know that the footage that they released had not been approved by Beyonce so they had to remove it. DUMB SHIT! DUMB SHIT! DUMB SHIT! DUMB SHIT!


As if that DUMB SHIT wasn’t enough, Country music fans was BALLS DEEP in their FEELINGS about Beyonce performing at THEIR show!  You know, cause she’s a pop singer and pop singers NEVER perform at Country Music Award shows, *cough* Taylor Swift *cough* Justin Timberlake *cough* Ariana Grande *cough* Meghan Trainor *cough* Damn I’m sick huh??  LOL!! They were HIGHLY PISSED cause they said Queen Bey did NOT GO TO THEIR “SCHOOL”!  LOL!! AND, EVEN MORE DUMB SHIT, Country singer Travis Tritt went on a Twitter rant about Bey performing and said he was NOT being racist when he asked if a Country Artist would be allowed to perform at the Soul Train or BET Awards… Lawd I think the BeyHive STILL in STEALTH STING mode on all of his social media accounts!!   LOL!!  LOL!! I hope at least one of the HIVE members let his DUMB ASS know that Beyonce performed a song that is considered Country and she did not perform any of her other Pop songs…and if any Country Artist creates some soul music or does a duet with a rapper or R&B singer, they would gladly be welcomed to entertain us, dumb ass!! DUMB SHIT! DUMB SHIT! DUMB SHIT! DUMB SHIT!


And finally, Lil Wayne… DUMB SHIT! DUMB SHIT! DUMB SHIT! DUMB SHIT! (see video FUCKERY below)


Like…Dude, we get it, YOU’RE RICH…been rich since you was like 13 years old but that is NO EXCUSE for you to pretend that you don’t know what is going on with the Black Lives Matter Movement. We keep giving you a pass and we keep trying to let you be an “Artist” but at some point, dude, you have to take responsibilities for your DUMB ASS ACTIONS!!  And to make matters worse, instead of EATING CROW about what you said, you use the excuse that the lady interviewing you  “threw you off” by asking questions about your daughter??  REAL TALK though, as someone who frequently refers to women as bitches, asking you whether or not your daughter falls into that category was actually a LEGIT ass question, but instead of ending the interview right then in there, you just stuff your foot all the way down to the STERNUM huh? Dueces Tunechi! We done traded yo WACK ASS for Tommy from Power and T.I. done read yo ass FOR DIRTY SOUTH FILTH!! See you can’t make me believe that you are SO fuckin rich and you have given 856,452,783,026, different interviews that you just lost control and didn’t know how to handle it. BOY BYE!!! DUMB SHIT! DUMB SHIT! DUMB SHIT! DUMB SHIT!




Until next week,


Stay SMART yall!!


Sexcee O.


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