It’s that time again Ladies and Gentle-homies!! We, at Dat Vegas Girls Plus One, have been noticing that every week we see crazy things that catch our eyes, so much so, that we have decided to do a weekly round up of the DUMBEST SHIT that we’ve seen on social media for the past 2 weeks. Although we love the fact the internet brings us a PLETHORA of information on a daily basis, we can not escape the fact that it also brings a BUNCH of DUMB SHIT too!  From celebrity interviews, user comments, reality TV, and crazy videos, check back here every week to get a review of the DUMB SHIT we’ve seen…After all, sharing is caring, so if we’ve seen it, you have GOT TO SEE it too!! Enjoy!! – Sexcee O 😉


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Welp!!  First up…let’s get the Election bullshit out of the way, shall we?It happened…yet again… the candidate that won the popular vote among the American people lost the Presidency and our new President elect is a shrewd, disrespectful, incompetent businessman, that live on the corner of Racism Road and Misogyny Lane.  Yep…Hell froze over and Donald Trump was elected President!  Do I even need to go into details about why this shit was just DUMB AS HELL??  Do I even need to explain out Redneck Trailer Trash came out in droves yet my people stayed at home and and even worst, voted for Bernie Sanders, Harambe, and Ghost from Power? No… not really, but I must share a few tweets from our new Pres who was BALLS DEEP in his feelings when the cast of Hamilton called out the (REAL President-elect), Vice -President Elect Mike Pence. In case you were unaware, Pence is against  abortion, immigration rights, and LGBT rights. While attending the Hamilton play, called him out saying that they are in fear of their inaleinable rights as United States citizens being taken away. Hilariously, Penn was fine with being called out.  It was YOUR President-elect who made a DUMB ASS of himself and he ain’t even in office yet!




Now, let me make myself CRYSTAL CLEAR!!!  I respect everyone’s right to THEIR OWN OPINION, even if I find it dumb as a sack of wet cat shit…I still respect your right to feel that way.  But this LOSERPANNIES ASS DUDE right here  who has as much political knowledge as a 4th grade History Hand Out, who has a COMPLETE & UTTER disregard for people of color, who incessantly talks shit and then gets mad when people stand up to him and talk shit back, and talks about women as if they are second class citizens, asked for an apology???!! FAIL-YER OF MASS PROPORTINS!! #WaitOnIt #CheetoPlease  #KickRocks



In other DUMB ASS news, Angela Simmons thinks we are all a bunch of gullible ass minions who believes that she let her dude shoot his shot and she got preggers the first time. At least that was the story she stuck to on both Growing Up Hip Hop and as a guest on the talk show The Real. #HoneyBunchesOfSideEye You ain’t got to Lie CRAIG, YOU AIN’T GOT TO LIE!!  Listen Booski, we don’t care how you lost your virginity and we also don’t care that you had a baby out of wedlock! However we do care that you feel the NEED to UPKEEP such a silly ass LIE… GYRL, #LetGoAndLetGAWD



This Next DUMB SHIT took me by TOTAL and COMPLETE SURPRISE!! We posted this meme and the comments took off like it was buy one How Wing and get 9 FREE down at Wing Stop! LMAOOOOO!! Like I know that Generation X was supposed to be all Big and Bad because we went against the grain of our parents and their parents, but LAWD HAMMERCY, the generation behind us??

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Generation Skinny Pants-Auto-Tune-DuckLips??  YALL MUTHAFUCKAS DONE LOST the last piece of yall mind with this one. It’s one thing to be ignorant and not know right from wrong, but yall asses be defending some of the most backwards ass shit ever!!  And then be pissed when someone points out how shallow yall are!! And yeah… yall ASSESS DUMB AS FUCK if you didn’t see anything wrong with this picture!  #PrayForTheseComments #PrayForDaWorld



In the land of Kardashian, Blacc Chyna gave birth to baby Dream, who happens to be adorable but…we givin her a side of SideEye with EXTRA SHOT OF SHADE on top when we clearly saw pics of her looking as if she had just given birth 9 days ago, but then she post videos of her stomach looking flatter than Hillary’s ego! Yall are free to form yall own opinion but…yeah… I AIN’T DAT DUMB! I got 2 kids and had both of my kids naturally, no c-section and ain’t no SNAP BACK IN AMERICA can make you look like that video…at least none that doesn’t involve some kind of surgery…. but believe what you will!!  #DUMMY



Kevin McCall isthe EPITOME OF DUMB ASSES if he think he can keep putting his hands on women and then call them LIARS whenever they come forward! Hmmmm…. Ain’t nobody got time for 2016 Ike Turner!  When WE called his WACK ASS OUT, he didn’t deny it, yet called the girl a liar and asked that we listen to his new music. Unless it’s some Trap Music that calls for his arrest, we will pass! #ToDaLeftToDaLeft #WeDon’tBelieveYou




And finally, Kanye West! I’m not gonna repost the videos cause they make me sad! Yall saw him talking shit and telling the world his problems, and mad at Drake, and DJ Khaled, and radio, and still mad Jay and Beyonce cause they won’t let Blu come play with North…basically having a melt down right before our eyes!! And while I found it CRAZY FUNNY that he posted 100 pictures of old ass pics of fashion items on his Instagram feed and the Twitter antics of the hashtag #KanyeIsOverParty was HILARIOUS, I actually think he has a undiagnosed mental illness…which is not FUNNY or DUMB at all but  Brrrrruuuuhhhh??!! All of the people saying this is the “Kardashian Curse”? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


YALL DUMB ASSES KILL ME!! Yall do know that the #KanyeShrug started WAY before he was even with Kim and that this behavior goes back to even BEFORE his mom passing! He been bi-polar for a long ass time and yall would just LOVE to put this on Kim, but realistically, dude does this shit ALL BY HIMSELF!  That over-inflated ego has been around at least since 2006 when he did the Rolling Stone cover as who…JESUS CHRIST! Hell, President Obama called him a JACKASS for what he did to Taylor Swift which is 1000% correct…and I’mma Bey fan…but dude was in the wrong. If anything Kim may be the only person who can reign his ass back in, but yall too busy blaming her and her family for this dude’s mental issues!! #DumbAsHell



I digress…LAWD…what is waiting for us on the other side…until then…STAY SMART YALL!


Sexcee O 😉





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