Divas In Business Expo Review

The Divas in Business Expo was a treat for women who currently own a business, looking to start a business, or in positions of leaderships in their current position. Trish Drake put together a great event that showcased women from different backgrounds each with a story of success to share which motivated and encouraged the audience not just in their professional lives, but their personal ones as well. It was great to see women such as Aisha Curry, Jewell Tankard, Quiana Futrell, Andrea Eppolito and Staci McIntosh, provide insight, tools, and words of encouragement that could be used to take a small and up and coming business to the next level.


The overall theme seemed to be the staple among the conference initiated from Trish Drake (pictured above), was  “When one diva win, we ALL win!” insinuating that as women, we should all network and share information with one another because the information that one person knows, could possible take you to another level and vice versa.


Below, Staci Mcintosh Vice President of HR for MGM Las Vegas Strip properties and author of #TheOneHour handbook series gave the ladies a nice welcome and spoke a little about how






Author Author of “Positioned for Royalty: Aligning Your Life & Purpose” and Celebrity Personal Brand Developer Aisha Curry (pictured above)  gave a very passionate speech about speaking about using your voice as a form of power.

It was inspiring to see vendors participate such as “She Got Her Own Clothing, “Sweet Sadies Gourmet Treats”, and “Cakes 2 Envy”. The event included a complimentary spa day at “Neiman Marcus”, as well as a pool party mixer at The Flamingo Hotel on the famous Las Vegas Strip, which indeed was a nice touch as it added a chance for a lot of the professional women, to let their hair down and relax all while networking and bonding with other entrepreneurs. Overall, a great time was had by all and can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.




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