Here is the complete list of our “Top 5” of 2017 list:


Top 5 Celebrity Pregnancies

1. #Beyonce – The pic with Her as the QUEEN , Mama Tina, and Blue Ivy is the best preggers pic ever!

2. #Ciara – She was soooo cute preggers and we have yet to see baby girl Sienna!!

3. #SerenaWilliams – I loved her preggers cause she had days when she was just like me…Glam up for WHAT?

4. #CynSantana – Cyn was not scared to show all of her pregnancy cravings and I was HERE for ALL OF EM!!

5. #Toya Wright – This was so unexpectant because I didn’t even realize her divorce from MempHitz was final, but her IG pics are FLAWLESS!

Honorable Mention


#Eniko Hart


#CardiB will have a lil baby #TrapSeed with Offset!!! – WATCH!!




Top 5 Times Internet was Broken

1. #JoeBudden and #Migos – IDC! IDC! THIS shit RIGHT HERE is still funny AF! Just Joe’s facial expression as he got up send me IN every time I see it!

2. #KennekaJenkins Death – The internet went CRAZY trying to solve this young girl’s murder. Truth be told…there’s still a million unanswered questions!

3. #SHEther Release – It was Saturday and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE and I LIVED for all 7 minutes of it #RemyMa

4. #KeyshiaKaoir Secret Kids – The CRAZY thing about this one is since the internet went crazy trying to figure out whether or not she has 3 or 4 kids that she has NEVER mentioned, I don’t see her and Gucci posted as #CoupleGoals no more! LOL!! Yall don’t play about the kids huh?

5. #KevinHart Sex Tape – This LIL SHIT caused a SHIT-STORM of SHIT didn’t it? It all started when Kevin came on line a posted an “Im sorry I fucked up!” video and then it went downhill like a bus with no fuckin brakes! A Sex tape was release, Fameolous was deleted, lawsuits was filed…and Eniko, slayed the rest of her pregnancy, gave birth, and stayed! LOL!




Top 5 People Who Took an “L” for 2017

1. #BlacChyna – Top of the list for me because she LITERALLY just needed to STFU and give Rob some ASS to secure the bag and she ended up in lawsuits with his family and playing house with a bi-sexual rapper? LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

2. #NickiMinaj – It’s a trip that her and her ex made the “L” list but her response to SHEther did it for me….also, how do you do a song with the HOTTEST BITCH in the game right now and shoot separate videos??? SMDH!

3. #MeekMill – I was REALLY rooting for him after he admitted that he spent the majority of 2016 HIGH AF! Then he went back to jail and BLACK TWITTER was BALLS DEEP in their feelings and #FreeMeek became one of those hashtags that was hard to support…only because he accepted 10 years probation and been doing FUCK BOI shit ever since he was released….what did he THINK was gonna happen??

3.5 #Tyrese – Ugh! He did the ABSOLUTE most this year didn’t he? He was made at his ex, mad at the Rock, mad at LIFE, flying planes across his daughter’s school, lied about Will and Jada giving him money, then said it was drugs making him act like that… after he cried broke on the internet, he went to South Africa and Dubai. #GhettoPassRevoked

4. Donald Trump – NUFF SAID!

5. Chrisette Michelle – I don’t know WHO her people are but they FAILED her like a size 7 shoe when you KNOW your FOOTS is an 8! BITCH…did you REALLY think black folks was just gonna forgive your ass for SUPPORTING the Orange Nazi? It’s a NAH! Then you posted Google images of a miscrarrigae tryna pass it off as your own?? Girl, you CANCELLED!


Top 5 People Who OWNED 2017

1. #CardiB – She GLOWED UP, got some hit songs and HUMBLE AF and we LOVE HER!

2. #TiffanyHaddish – I watched her on the Carmichael Show and kept saying, she underrated AF and then “Girl’s Trip” happened and now the WORLD can see what I saw!!

3. #BarackObama – So our Ex Boyfriend is out here Jet Skiing and shit living his BEST LIFE and we still get pissed every time we THINK about it huh?

3.5. #Safaree – He was on 3689644 VH1 shows and was HILARIOUS on every one. The only thing he needed was a duet with Rihanna or Drake with his Jamaican flow!

4. #LavarBall – Some of yall might not like this pick but IDGAF cause THIS man said his son will go to the Lakers and he DID. He got his son wearing the BIG BALLER Brand shoe and refuse to become a slave to Nike or Reebok or Addidas. When he DUMB ASS second OLDEST went to China and got caught stealing, he refused to acknowledge Trump’s help, took his son out of school and decided to start his own league as a rival to the NCAA! That’s a fuckin BAWSE ass move.

5. #MeghanMarkle – A REAL Life Black Princess!!! I’m still doing the Harlem Shake for her!!!




Top 5 Gifs

1. Annalise Keaton – I LITERALLY used this for everything!

2. Confused White Man – His FACE is CLASSIC!

3. Migos and Joe Budden Altercation – The way this girl was peeping for DRAMA = ME every time tea was spilled!

4. Titus Andromadon – I love Titus and this gif summed up the perfect reaction all through the year to the season finale of all my shows!

5. Fainting Wendy Williams – Although I didn’t use this one much, this was one that was scary AF when it happened on air but as soon as you saw it you KNEW it was gonna become a gif!

Honorable Mention: Sister Patterson sliding out that chair gives me LIFE!




Top 5 Albums WE NEED in 2018


1. #NickiMinaj – Gyrl…you gonna have to come CORRECT and call out names like Kendrick did if you wanna keep the throne Boo!! No more telling us about all the shit you won…we wanna hear that QUEENS SHIT!

2. #KanyeWest – Cause it’s time!

3. #CardiB – I’m actually glad she’s taking her time…I hope she have a Khaled or DJ Mustard cut on there that becomes my new Summer 18 anthem!

4. #Rihanna – I know she’s been busy with Fenty Beauty, but RiRi we need an album chica!

5. #Quavo – STAWP PLAYIN! Yall know he the Beyonce of the Group! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!



Top 5 TV Shows That Were Cancelled RIP 😥😥😥😥

1. #BeingMaryJane – WTF?

2. #SurvivorsRemorse – WTF?

3. #Underground – WTF?

4. #TheCarmichaelShow -WTF?

5. #ShotsFired – WTF?

Find them all and binge watch!!!



Top 5 Petty Celebs


1. #MasikaKalysha – THE QUEEN OF PETTY!! Petty J. Blige (Her and 50 would actually be cute together, huh?)

2. #50Cent – THE KING OF PETTY!! – Bishop Petty Long

3. #GilbertArenas – Petty Kane Jr!

4. #Khia and #TSMadison – Have yall heard their show The Queen’s Court??? Find it on You Tube! Petty Croker & Petty Rubble!!

5. #MaxineWaters – #ReclaimingMyTime Political Peppermint Petty



Top 5 Celebs we want to STFU (Shut The Fuck Up)

1. Donald Trump – SHUT THE FUCK UP!

2. Azealia Banks – SHUT THE FUCK UP!

3. Soljah Boy – SHUT THE FUCK UP! (You been doing good so far… keep it up!)

4. Tyrese – SHUT THE FUCK UP!

5. Kevin McCall – SHUT THE FUCK UP!


Top 5 Celebs We WISH Would SPEAK Up

1. #MelaniaTrump – Don’t yall want her to just wake up one day and GO FEDS?

2. #Usher – Herpes or nah?

3. #Beyonce – Destiny Child Reunion or nah?

4. #KylieJenner -Like GYRL! UGH! Why EXACTLY are you hiding your pregnancy though?

5. #RKelly Sex Slaves – Yall know DAMN well the sex ain’t even that good…somebody SPILL!



Worst Headlines of 2017…

#HurricaneJose #HurricaneIda #HurricaneHarvey #HurricaneMaria #DonaldTrump #HarveyWeinstein #VegasShooting #Route91HarvestFest



Best Headlines of 2017… 

#ColinKaepernick #LADodgers #WorldSeries #MeghanMarkle #KeishaBottoms #MuslimWomenDriving

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