I swear I’m in the wrong business…

Las Vegas insiders are tripping over themselves this morning with rumors that in the continuing war among rival Strip nightclubs, The Hakkasan Group is about to announce that it has locked up 31-year-old superstar DJ Calvin Harris for a new, three-year exclusive deal on the Strip.

The Wicked whisper is that it took a guaranteed $400,000 a night payday for him to continue spinning at Hakkasan in MGM Grand and and the group’s new Omnia nightclub opening this Spring in Caesars Palace. is reporting that Hakkasan will make the official announcement very shortly.

Calvin, whose birth name is Adam Wiles, is hailed as one of the Top Three world’s richest DJs, and the new deal funded by Abu Dhabi’s wealthy investment group Tasameem led by Sheikh Mansour, deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates and a member of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi, propels him to the rank of top money earner.

That’s ahead of Swedish DJ Avicii and Dutch-born DJ Tiesto, both of whom play at Las Vegas clubs as EDM masters. Tiesto, in fact, just renewed his contract at Hakkasan and celebrated his 46th birthday there.

Last year, Forbes ranked Calvin in the top slot of highest-paid DJs, earning $66 million. Calvin headlined at Hakkasan on New Year’s Eve and Tiesto on New Year’s Day. Hakkasan also is expanding into an ultra high-end chain of branded hotels with the first to open in Dubai in 2017.

Yet another Wicked Whisper today: Is Pharrell set to join Calvin & Co. as a resident at Hakkasan? We are keeping our eyes peeled for confirmation and details.

Meantime, the Strip rivalry for dominance is described by Ask Men as akin to an arms race but simultaneously asks if Las Vegas can sustain the onslaught of growth and mega-sized DJ paychecks resulting in $150 admission — before drinks or bottle service.

Ask Men concludes that for as long as the big-name electronic dance music acts are a giant draw, then the Las Vegas clubs will continue to shell out even higher paychecks to keep the DJs on the Strip.

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