Bill Maher Gets OWNED by Ice Cube

I watch #BillMaher every Friday night and every week he says racist shit. I saw this live as it happened last week and didn’t really think much of it until I logged on Twitter and saw people was HIGHLY offended! They even started the hashtag #BoycottBillMaher


I was more surprised at the backlash from this than what he actually said. As the owner of this blog pointed out me in conversation, the way the kids use the word “nigga” nowadays, including kids who ARE NOT BLACK, yet their BLACK FRIENDS give them a pass, it doesn’t even make sense to get upset. You can’t have it both ways…you either take a HARD STANCE or no STANCE at all.  While his political views are on point, Bill has been saying racist ass wack jokes for years! Ask any Muslim, or Jew, or Gay person!!

Maybe cause Bill Maher smokes weed and dates black women (Superhead…nah, he REALLY dated Superhead) thought it was OK to use the N-word on live TV….(rolls eyes) He offered an apology talking bout he was a comedian in the moment and what not (rolls eyes again).

This week, he had Michael Eric Dyson on the show, whom I like and they had a very poignant conversation, but also, his guest of the show were Ice Cube and Symone Sanders whom BOTH read Bill for FILTH and explained to him why him using the n-word was fucked up! I loved that Ice Cube called him out on his shit and told him, “Sometime you sound like a red neck trucker.” And my girl, Simone told him that “house niggas” didn’t exactly have it better than the ones in the field because they still had to endured being enslaved which a lot of times included rape of  black women and so YES, black women were rightfully pissed.  Watched the segment below.



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