Ballers Return For Season 3



It has sports, sex, a little violence every now and then, it’s funny, and filled with drama!  Oh and I can’t forget the MUSIC! Any show whose theme song has Drake and Lil Wayne rapping their hit “Right Above It”, you know it’s FIRE! HBO got it right. Ballers return for Season 3 starts this summer, July 23rd, and I can hardly wait to see this cast filled with SEE-REE-US EYE CANDY!!

Denzel Washington’s son, John David Washington, AKA Rickey Jarrett is just so cocky and funny and sarcastic and an asshole and FINE!! You can’t help but root for his character to win. And the ROCK?? LAWD!! We don’t just get the Rock, we get Dwayne Johnson, suited and booted looking like a whole TRACTOR TRAILER full of snacks!! If you haven’t caught up, Ballers a GREAT show to binge watch before the new season starts.

Check out the trailer for season 3 below:

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