Bae-Watch: OBJ and Iggy Azalea

So everybody losing their minds talking bout OBJ aka Odell Beckham Jr. missed practice cause he was hanging out with supposed new bae Iggy Azalea.

The TRUTH is…. He did NOT miss practice. Giants mini camp don’t start until June 13th and the activities going on now are all VOLUNTARY!! MEANING…He didn’t HAVE to show up…And he didn’t…And a bunch of other players didn’t show up either but you only hearing about #OBJ huh??

RELAX! It’s the Off season and most players don’t show up to the OTAs or Organized Team Activities and players usually only show up when there is a bonus clause written up in their contract for doing so. So nothing to see here folks…but of course, now we are on Bae-Watch for these two!   LOL!

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