Philadelphia born and raised but my heart pumps Tupac.  The newest addition to the team, I consider myself an old soul. If it has anything to do with the 1970’s through the early 2000’s I know it.  I live for Tupac hip hop, tv, movies and celebrity news.  Shy but I speak my mind, I tell it how it is no matter what.  To live out my dreams in front of you is blessing so follow along, I promise you’llnever be the same.


Just a Philly girl….. sprinkled with a bit of Thug Lyfe




Author of The Devil You Know and Get Yo Life: 52 Weeks of Spiritual Food!! Known Enemies: Negativity & Bullshit….BFFs with: Sarcasm & Wit 😉 .

I mean what I say…. and I say it. I love to write about any and everything but I  love unique cultural finds and beauty. You’ll see me posting random meal ideas to the latest in fashion trends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I keep up on Hit the Floor, American Crime Story: The People vs OJ and Mob Wives. Starting at the end of the month, everyone’s guilty pleasure will start back, Empire, join me for my indepth, and witty reviews.

I’m a Westcoast gal with a laid back attitude but don’t push me because I’m woman and you never wanna hearme roar 🐯🐯🐯




Editor-in-Chief/ The Voice

Five years…. Five LONNNNNGGG YEARS LOL! Ive been a blogger for five years. Ive gone through name changes at least twice, format changes twice and about four hiatuses lol. But I absolutely love what I do. My followers make all of THIS worthwhile. The 3 am deadlines, the cattines with other bloggers, the go around with celebrities etc. It’s worth it because I live and breathe this.

I started this blog in August of 2010 to help cope with the inevitable. My ex boyfriend was on his death bed and eventually passed away. I used Facebook as an outlet to escape the grief.  What started off just as meaningless ramblings to my close friends about what I was interested in that involved ANYTHING other than the pain I had bottled inside turned into me discovering my talent or calling so to speak.

I realized, I’m kinda funny lol! I’m sarcastic and witty and have a way with words. I found also I was able to convey not only what I was thinking and feeling but what others were thinking and feeling. Lastly, I realized I was a damn good judge of character. I took all of that, because well I knew I was getting on my friends nerves with my ramblings about the Kardashians, and created a separate account in 2011.

Since then I’ve learned SO MUCH not only about this business but about myself. If someone was to ask what separates me from the millions of other entertainment or gossip blogs out there…. I’d simply say… ME! .

There’s only one Aja, and I am the voice and have an opinion about everything, you’ll never know when I’ll choose to express it. I support that opinion with facts. I blog because, #blogislife .  I have the 411, the tea, the shade and what’s going down in the DM’s of your favorite celebrities. I spill but with caution and sophistication.

So I say…

Follow along if you dare! But if you choose to, you won’t be sorry. 😉😉😉


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