8 Gifts you should never buy your girlfriend for Valentines Day


Written by: @teambreezy808

Well hello LOVERS!! I’m glad you stumbled upon this blog and I hope you find the answers you are looking for. Below are 8 gifts you should never buy your girlfriend for Valentines Day. You should pay dearly if you choose to ignore this advice.

Lingerie: You shouldn’t get your girlfriend Lingerie for Valentines day because the gift isn’t necessarily for her. The gift is for you because you get to enjoy seeing her in it. If you’ve been a great boyfriend/husband,  she probably will reward you later on dressed in a sexy outfit. If  she has never dressed up for you in a sexy Lingerie outfit (Ex: French maid outfit), you may want to throw her some hints, or straight up tell her. Remember we’re not psychic.

Edible Undies: Don’t ever get her edible undies, unless you want sticky sex. Personally, you’ll be too busy eating them instead of eating her. LOL! Seriously, get her Godiva chocolates in a box instead. Hint: Don’t ever get drug store chocolates.

Gift Cards: It’s the thought that counts. Although, a gift card shows you’ve never really put much thought and effort into what to get her. It shows that you’ve procrastinated. Obviously, she was the last thing on your mind. That’s not very sweet. Hint: never give her a gift card not unless she asked for it.

Gym Membership: Are you calling me fat? Are you telling me to loose weight? If you get her a gym membership, it will open up a lot of insecurities in a relationship. Instead of boosting her self esteem; a gym membership will bring her self-esteem even lower. You will probably end up in the dog house for many months. It’s not a very nice gift on Valentines Day. You might as well take her for a walk on the beach, or ask her to work out with you on another day.

Perfume: Ugh! I hate it when a guy gives me perfume. You’re simply telling her that she smells and she needs a bath. If you bought her perfume, return it now!

A Huge Teddy Bear: Yup! I’ve seen them at Walmart near the entrance. Ah, let me just put it in the closet for now since I have no where to put it. In six months a 5 year old child may need it and we can call a donation truck to pick it up? It’s sweet and everything, but you could’ve bought her a pair of shoes, or use it to buy her a spa package.

Balloons: Umm, please dont. My ex boyfriend spent $300 on balloons and flowers for me and I was heart broken because he could’ve used that money to take me on a shopping spree. Maybe a weekend getaway? It was thoughtful and sweet, dont get me wrong. He surprised me at my job. The balloons were all the same and it said the same thing. I had to carry it across the mall. In 4 days the balloons were dead. When I found out how much it costs, I almost had a heart attack. Please use your money wisely.

Clothes: This one is actually a tough call. Women love clothes and have tons of them with tags still attached in their closet. That is probably true. The problem with buying women clothes; however, it’s a no-win situation.  If you get her a size too big, she thinks that you think she is fat. If you get her a size too small, she thinks she’s fat. The chances you have are slim. Nonetheless you know her intricately physically and the style she likes. I’ve worked at a Lingerie store and a retail store in the past. Most of the gifts that men buy from those stores end up being returned. I think buying underwear would be a better idea because women can never have enough underwear. But, I wouldn’t make it your main Valentines day gift.

So, stop procrastinating and buy her a gift. Swallow that pill of thought for the day. Happy Valentines Day in advance.


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